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Phone: (409) 766-7711

Email: [email protected]

Restoring Pieces to Their Former Glory

Backbay Emporium in Galveston, Texas rebuilds and restores items to their original quality, so they can last another generation.

Backbay Emporium has been a labor of love for founder Jim Manen since it opened in 2012. Manen always has had a passion for designing, decorating and collecting beautiful vintage pieces of art, antiques and furniture

Manen’s growing collection is what brought about Backbay Emporium. The collection includes items from various time periods, including some that date back to the 1800s, and from places around the world.

Backbay Emporium offers to customize pieces for customers. Each item gets a personal touch.

Backbay Emporium prides itself on the craftsmanship and quality of its work.

People interested in unique furniture and other finds from around the world should contact Backbay Emporium by phone at (409) 766-7711 or email [email protected]